Friday, February 29, 2008

This is one of the most disturbing things I've read lately

The US has more prisoners than any other nation on the planet. 1 in 100 adult males are in prison. Read that again. 1 in 100. $44 Billion dollars have been spend last year on incarceration. Govenment spending for this so-called "rehabilitaion" has risen six times faster than spending for higher education. The worst part of all? This surge in spending has not reduced crime rates or recidivism rates.

The justice system is a business. Three strikes laws, and the "War on Drugs" has created a massive, thriving economy that feeds on the suffering of citizens. People who pose little to no rish to society are being imprisoned in vast numbers.

How much money could be saved in California alone if the judicial-prison compelx reduced sentencing guidelines and used parole and rehabilitaion instead? Unfortunately they have little motivation to do so. It's all about the bottom line. Let's cut education spending instead.

The "justice" system is a government backed corporate conglomorate operating under the guise of "helping" it's citizens. What a fucking crock.

Nothing will ever be done. It will keep getting worse. Welcome to the police state.

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Anonymous said...

Cut spending on accomodations and reinstall the concept of HARD LABOR. Watch the number of repeat offenders drop drastically.
Support former Soviet Bloc countries economy. Ship prisoners there. They can be imprisoned cheaper than here and again, cut down on repeat offenders.