Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So this morning I'm driving to work, minding my own business and this smarmy voice comes through my speakers. It's a radio ad for BMW. Now we're all used to hearing the BMW commercials make the claim that their cars are the "Ultimate Driving Machine". I take issue with that claim but it doesn't really offend me so, whatever. What did offend me was a phrase used in the commercial I've not heard in the past. "Privileged exhilaration." Okay, pal, FUCK YOU. FUCK YOUR STUPID FUCKING FACE.

So only the privileged few get to experience the pure exhilaration that only the privileged minority get to experience owning to the fact that they can afford your overpriced cars? Fuck off!

I could just imagine some future former trophy wife cunt-face with too much botox listening to this drek and smiling thinking how privileged she is to be driving the BMW her husband got her to assuage his guilt over impregnating his secretary and subsequently forcing her to get an abortion.

If you have the money to buy an overpriced, pride inflating piece of shit to fellate your own ego, go ahead. But don't go around thinking you're experiencing some kind of amazing, privileged experience. -- they're not THAT expensive. And shame on you, BMW, for making the 67% of people who drive BMWs think they're even more entitled to tailgate you and double park because they are so privileged.

Privilege my balls! Fucks.

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