Monday, January 21, 2008

Defeat Super Drunk must !!!

Remember Bubble Bobble? If not, let me sum it up for you. You're one of the eponymous little dino-dudes named Bub (or Bob if you're player two). You shoot bubbles to envelop your enemies, then you run into them to pop the bubble. Of course this ruins their shit and sends them flying off to their death. There are 100 levels of this. Well 104 if you count the secret rooms and the demo screen.

Speaking of secrets, this game had a ton of them. Plus it had a secret alphabet code that was only revealed in hidden rooms throughout the game. How do you find these secret rooms? You have to get to levels 20, 40 and 60 respectively without losing one life.

To get the "true" ending, you have to beat the game with two players. Twice. You see, this was one of the first games with hidden codes and multiple endings. You had to beat it, know the secret alphabet to decipher a code on the ending screen, enter that code at the title screen (thus putting the game into Super Bubble Bobble mode) then beat it again with both players alive at the end. That's freakin' core!

Another interesting thing about the game is how it generates the special items. Nearly everything you do in the game is recorded and will trigger certain special items to appear in the game. For instance, each time you jump it gets recorded. On the normal difficulty level, if you jump 51 or more times, a Yellow Candy will appear. Most people thought these item appearances were random but they are actually tied to the players actions. This lends the "random" power-up appearances a strange sort of subliminal consistency.

One last thing. Check out the last boss in the game:

His name? You guessed it! SUPER DRUNK! What else would he be called?

More info than you could possibly want to know about the game can be found here.

There is also a sequel called Rainbow Islands that is a fundamentally different game that features Bub and Bob in their human form throwing rainbows and shit. Awesome.

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